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with Previous Piano Lessons or Prior Musical Training

- Pick up where you left off or return as an experienced “beginner”, if it’s been a while.​

- Diana will quickly identify the best place to start with music that interests you & helps you to advance. ​

- Your lessons will be based on your goals & interests and can include any of the following:​

Scheduling Options:​
One hour lessons twice a month
One hour lessons once a month

Transformational Approach to Piano
TAP System

Transformational Approach to Piano
(TAP Method):

- Developing & improving music reading.

- Improving hand independence.

- Using effective fingering.

- Learning to use the pedal effectively.

- Standards, jazz, show tunes. ​​

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Transformational Approach to Piano
TAP System

Transformational Approach to Piano
TAP System

Some of the highlights of the TAP System are:

- Focusing on the left hand accompaniment.
Creating a solid foundation with your left hand gives you the freedom to embellish and interpret the right hand melody of the song you are playing.

- By learning a variety of accompaniment styles your playing will be interesting and exciting and for you as well as your to listeners

- Hands on music theory: As you learn each song Diana will help you understand how music works when you apply the principles of theory to each song.

- Repertoire at Every Level:

Reviewing songs on a regular basis is the only way that you can keep your favorite pieces under your fingers. At every level of your musical development you'll learn how to organize your songs for consistent review You'll find yourself much more motivated to practice than if you were playing lots of scales and exercises. Before you know it, you'll be playing songs much more expressively. This is extremely fulfilling. ​​

-Arranging Songs: As your skills develop in using a variety of left hand accompaniment styles you'll learn how to apply different patterns to each section of the song so that there is variety and enjoyment for you and your listeners.

Although it's possible for some students to memorize songs quickly through repetition, with the TAP System technique you'll truly learn each song from memory so you'll be confident and focused regardless of distractions.

-Improvisation: You can start with a two-chord vamp using the pentatonic scale and next take a motivic approach to blues improvisation to become comfortable with the art of improvisation. As your skills develop, you'll use what you've learned from TAP's Hands-On-Approach-To Music-Theory to know what scale or mode to use to improvise on short sections all the way up to creating solos for one or more choruses of a song.​

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