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Learn Five Songs in Five Weeks or Less

Have you dreamed of sitting down at the piano and playing with ease? Would you like to be the life of the party? Perhaps playing the piano is your long-held desire and you need help moving in the right direction. Now's YOUR time. In fact, my Song Playing Starter Kit for Pianists will save you weeks in the process of playing the piano with ease. Many of my private piano students have paid hundreds of dollars for lessons that contain the material that's in this course. This free course will not only show you how to play melodies with accompaniments, it will also answer those questions that you've often pondered. Besides that, you'll get the important music theory knowledge that will open up more piano playing doors right away.

  •  Songs: You'll be playing five songs with different accompaniment patterns - 5 songs in 5 Weeks

  • Music Theory: With what you learn in these lessons, you'll have the tools to play many more songs.

  • FAQ: The answers to the questions pianists frequently ask, will make you feel more confident.


Become the Pianist You Want To Be!

Instead of trudging through sheet music arrangements of songs that require many hours of note-for-note practice, get the skills and knowledge from my Song Playing Starter Kit for Pianists that will accelerate your learning process. Before you know it, your hands will be playing independently as you gain the confidence you'll need to get to the next level of playing.

Achieve Your Long-Awaited Dream

Don't wait until your "ready". You can make progress by practicing 10 minutes a day. The key is to get to the keys! Before you know it, your hands will be working together in ways you couldn't have imagined.

There's no time like the present.

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