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You are unique! You have a certain set of piano playing skills and a specific musical background. At the same time, you have your own musical interests and goals. While others may resemble your "student profile", they have a different combination of skills, background and goals than you do. Throughout my 45 years of teaching piano to adults and children one-on-one , I have had to address the needs, interests and goals of each individual student. Because of this, I have developed a way to address your uniqueness, while at the same time providing you with the musical training in my Piano Academy that will help you become the pianist you want to be.



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Transform Your Piano Playing Today

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Playing your favorite tunes will not only make your leisure time a true dream, it will also nourish your spirit. Each of us needs time for re-creation. Playing the piano provides that regardless of the weather, your age, your finances or even your talent.

And this

Playing the piano is fun. It's when you get the patterns I show you just right, you'll be tapping your foot and smiling from ear to ear. There's noting like it!

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Making music with others can bring you great joy. With the piano training you get in my Academy, you'll be able to play with other instrumentalists as well as singers and even be able to accompany your own singing (if you do that). Why wait another minute? Sign up for my Piano Academy today!

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